Supervisory Board

Yvonne Zonderop


Yvonne Zonderop is an independent author, moderator and administrator with a long journalistic record. She worked, among other things, as a journalist in political The Hague, as chief economics of the GPD and as deputy editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant. Since 2010 she writes freelance for the Groene Amsterdammer and has published several books. In addition, she was, among other things, chairman of the journalistic advisory committee of the NOS and a supervisory director at FD Mediagroep. She is currently a member of the Unesco Commission for the Netherlands.

Ernestine Comvalius


Ernestine Comvalius has been director of the Bijlmer Parktheater for the past eleven years. She received the ACT Award for her contribution to the performing arts. She fulfills various functions as a supervisor and director within and outside the arts sector. She is, among other things, chairman of the New Urban Collective, the International Literature Festival Read my World and the selection committee Advisors Fund for the Performing Arts. Ernestine studied social sciences at Utrecht University and took postgraduate courses in Organization Studies and Change Management.

Idriss Nor


Idriss Nor is a member of the management team of the Stichting DOEN fund. He is part of the investment team (DOEN Participaties) where he is responsible for investments in social enterprises. In addition, he is responsible for the international culture and media program with a focus on Africa and the Arab region. He studied educational sciences in Frankfurt and Amsterdam and studied FMA/business administration at Nyenrode.

Aartie Hoeblal


Aartie Hoeblal has been working in the financial sector for over 20 years. She started her career as a lawyer at Clifford Chance. From ING Investment Management, Rabobank and De Nederlandsche Bank, she has been working as Managing Director at ABN AMRO since 2017. Aartie studied Law and International Legal at Leiden University. She also followed Executive courses at INSEAD and Nyenrode. She was a director at Turnaround Management Association and is a member of SER Topwomen.

Ot van Daalen


Ot van Daalen is a researcher and lecturer in the field of privacy and security law at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a lawyer and founder of the law firm Root Legal. He previously re-founded Bits of Freedom, was a supervisor at the Dutch Data Protection Authority and worked as a lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. See his personal website for more information..

Portraits by Anne van Zantwijk