Financially independent

We are a financially independent foundation. Our income comes entirely from the investment results of our own assets. With our investable assets, which are around €140 million, we cover both the costs of our own organisation and those of our donations (grants).

A solid asset and investment policy is the foundation of our work. Our assets were created in 2009 with the sale of a majority stake in PCM Uitgevers to De Persgroep (now DPG Media). This solid financial base allows us to invest time and money, every day, to achieve our mission.

Socially responsible investment

The director is responsible for our asset policy and is advised by fiduciary manager IBS Capital Allies.Our long-term target return is 5%. Maintaining assets and socially responsible investment are central to our policy; all our investments meet sustainability criteria and comply with the UN Global Compactguidelines. No investments are made in weapons, tobacco, alcohol or gambling. We also focus on ensuring freedom of expression, press freedom and digital rights.

For an overview of our Annual Accounts, see our Annual Reports page.

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