Nienke Venema


Nienke is responsible for overall strategy and policy and oversees the asset management. She also represents the organization as a shareholder at DPG Media and De Correspondent.

Sümeyye Ekmekçi

Head of program of the Democracy and Media Fund

Sümeyye is responsible for the Democracy and Media Fund programme. Together with the team, she is building a relevant and effective grant portfolio.

Maartje Eigeman

Program director Civic Movements Fund

Maartje heads the Civic Movements Fund. She is responsible for strategy development and management of the team.

Aybala Carlak

Program Manager Future Proof Journalism

Aybala is responsible for the focus area ​​future proof journalism within the Democracy and Media Fund.

Tim Schoot Uiterkamp

Program Manager Organizational- and Field strengthening

Tim is responsible for the development of learning programs and activities for knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Democracy and Media Fund network.

Casper Siffels

Program Manager Democracy and the Rule of Law

Casper is responsible for the focus areas democracy and the rule of law within the Democracy and Media Fund.

Sahar Shirzad

Program coordinator Civic Movements Fund

Sahar coordinates the network of the Civic Movements Fund and supports with the strategy development.

Karlijn Bink

Operational Manager

Karlijn is responsible for finances, HR, ICT and compliance with laws and regulations. She also coordinates the annual February 5 commemoration and is responsible for applications aimed at historical awareness.

Lisa Peters

Manager Communications

Lisa is responsible for the organization's external communication policy and its implementation. As an advisor she is involved in the organization's strategy development.

Mirjam Grotjohann


Mirjam is the first point of contact. In addition to office management tasks, she supports the team.

Ash van Ree

Program Officer Civic Movements Fund

Ash is program officer at the Civic Movements Fund and supports the team in all ongoing activities.

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Portraits by: Anne van Zantwijk