Strengthening organisations and the field

We strengthen the impact of organisations and projects that contribute to our mission.

What we do

A resilient civil society is crucial for a healthy, democratic rule of law. We are therefore committed to strengthening the scope and impact of organisations and initiatives that contribute to our mission. We do this by developing and offering activities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, learning, and organisational development.

Facilities and resources

We provide ongoing support in the form of facilities (including temporary external expertise) for grantees and an overview of self-developed and selected resources as well as learning materials for the field at large. You can find both further down this page.


Learning pathways and meetings

We organise learning courses and meetings at various times throughout the year. The target groups for these events may vary. Some, like our annual DMF Meetup, are available to our entire network and focus on connection and exchange. Most learning pathways focus on our strategic priorities or the learning needs that exist in our network.


Strengthening the field

We also proactively strengthen organisations and the field. For instance, we offer tailored support to new or institutional grantees in transition or re-evaluation phases. To strengthen the field as a whole, we focus on activities – preferably in collaboration with others – that increase the available knowledge on selected themes. We also have a role in facilitating exchange and collaboration between organisations.



In collaboration with a number of external organisations, we offer our grantees specific support in areas such as crowdfunding, relationship management and digital security.




Photo by: Anke van de Meer